Advantages of the Band-Aid (Mini) FaceLift

Many advantages that you will find with the Band-Aid facelift or Mini Facelift is something that was driven by my patients and that is they did not want to go through the long time of a regular facelift and did not want to go through the long recovery time, the bruising, the excess swelling, the longer incisions, so the Band-Aid Facelift that you kind of overcome those disadvantages. It is a two-hour procedure from the time you walk in to the time you leave. With local anesthesia, you can get some conscious sedation of Valium or something like that if you need it, 90 percent of my patients just go with local anesthesia and the advantage of that is that you leave without the effects of general anesthesia or you can drive yourself home. It is real surgery but it is manageable and the effects are manageable too and that patients look like a little like me 10 years ago and that can be achieved with the Band-Aid Facelift.