Board Certified Plastic Surgery Atlanta

When I first started it, plastic surgery needs a lot of patience. So, the patients would ask me why did you go into plastic surgery and I really could not come up with a good answer, it took me a while to kind of pinpoint what it was and it was a delight helping people but I would also like seeing the results of my work. I became Board Certified in General Surgery and Board Certified in Plastic surgery and then I went to New York and did an extra year of just cosmetic plastic surgery with the best plastic surgeons for cosmetic surgery in the United States if not in the world. How hard I am willing to work. How much I am willing to put into taking care of the patients and establishing relationship with them and to make them feel comfortable because I did my work on the front end and then if I would continue to do that hard work after that then the patients would see that all that time that I have put into it was worth because they would see it in the final result.