BOTOX® Cosmetic

Anyone concerned with their face, things like that with the Band-Aid Facelift or the Mini Facelift have a concern with wrinkles or lines on the face and these can be helped by a lot of things, but the main ones are Botox and fillers and with fillers of Radiesse®, Restylane®, and collagen. Any line that has become etched on the face just to fill it out. It is not going to remove it completely. It is temporary, but even if you have a facelift, you are going to still have to have a few of those etch lines that will not be removed by a facelift. Botox® on the other hand removes those lines that are formed by muscles around the eyes in between the eyebrows and the forehead and what it gives you is a rested look. It does not freeze your face as some people say. If it is done correctly, you should look rested, youthful and very happy.