Breast Surgery Procedures

Procedures associated with the breast with breast reduction, breast augmentation, breast-lift and removal of breast tissue for gynecomastia, which is enlargement of the male breast. Usually the breast augmentation in the early in life is just trying to increase the size and perkiness of the breast. After children, sometimes the volume has deflated so you are try to increase the volume of the breast and make it perkier and what you would do for that is a breast-lift or an augmentation or a combination of the two. A breast reduction, however, would be for removal of breast tissue and that is more of a genetic issue for women who have a much larger breast and complain of neck and back pain associated with it. The last category tends to be for men. Most men you know think about breast tissue but it is mostly fat in those areas and in those particular areas you would do liposuction and a small surgical incision to remove the breast tissue. Each of these procedure is designed to enhance whatever you have or remove excess that you might have so you can look better in your clothes and feel better.