FaceLift VS Band Aid Mini Facelift Candidates

The difference between the traditional facelift and the Band-Aid or Mini Facelift that I do has to do with extent. Some people need more skin removed, typically the patients for the Band-Aid Facelift are a little younger or have already had a facelift. It is not that they are that much difference because the same procedures that are used for or the same techniques that are used for the traditional facelift are used for the Band-Aid Facelift and in both cases we are going for a very natural look. I think we have achieved that in all our patients and patients are very happy with either one that they use. The differences tend to be that you have general anesthesia with the traditional facelift. It is a more extensive procedure so there is more bruising and swelling, but the recovery is just as easy and you will see patients come out just as happy with either procedure and they are very natural looking.