Facelift VS “Band Aid” Mini Facelift

When it comes to aging of the face then the standard technique would be a facelift. The original surgery was developed probably 30 years ago and it is a traditional facelift. You try to make it look very natural and in that reason and in that effort to make that look natural progressed to doing a smaller procedure, which I accomplished through the Band-Aid facelift and you can apply it specifically to younger patients, older patients, primarily the patients somewhere between 45 and 55 who do not really need that removal of excess skin that you would with a traditional facelift and the other areas that you see are somebody has already had a facelift and just needs a little touchup. The advantages are local anesthesia, less recovery time, less bruising, less swelling and the cost is about half of a traditional facelift. Both techniques work great and it is about picking, which is the appropriate procedure for the right patient.