Rose’s Plastic Surgery Patient Testimonial

One of the reasons that I was most interested in having the type of procedure that I did have done was because it was something that we do not have to be put to sleep completely. It was local. The recovery was wonderful. I actually could have gone out that very day, that I felt very comfortable. They make me feel that way. Dr. LeRoy is a delight and a true professional and any questions that I had, he could answer everything for me. I think that the one thing that I would have wanted to know from someone who had had the procedure before I was going to have it was what is the worst experience that I am going to have. What is the worst kind of pain that I am going to feel because you are awake during the procedure, you are not being put to sleep which is a wonderful advantage, and I would have to say that the one thing was the injections, which are the local injections that they put in and it is just like what you would experience when you went to the dentist when you have an injection put in for the Novocaine. At that one moment you feel the injection going in and immediately after that it is already numbing and then it is over.