Just what is the Band Aid Facelift?

As we age, our skin becomes thinner, our muscle’s begin to drop, and the fat in our face diminishes; yes, this is a disadvantage to getting older, but it doesn’t have to be. Today, people are taking better care of themselves and living longer; they want to look as young as they feel. The Band Aid Facelift helps achieve this by producing natural looking results. It is a maintenance facial procedure with results lasting anywhere from 5-10 years (based on the individual’s lifestyle). You may find yourself asking, “What makes the Band Aid Facelift better from the competitions similarly marketed ‘Mini’ or ‘Weekend’ Facelift procedures?”

All of these later developed Mini Facelift procedures such as the Lifestyle Lift and the Thread Lift should not be confused with the Band Aid Facelift.  While they all focus on certain areas of the face, which can really make a difference to anti-aging efforts such as a sagging jaw line and creases and folds around the cheeks and nose, there are many differences.  I developed and began performing the Band Aid Facelift over 17 years ago.  These years have given me the ability to add my own intricate details in perfecting this procedure, producing a more natural looking result. Other benefits of the Band Aid Facelift include lower costs (currently under $5k), lower risks involved since only a local numbing is required, shorter surgery and recovery times (a little over an hour and less than one week, respectively).

Although a traditional facelift may be more appropriate for some patients, many don’t want the risk of being put under general anesthesia and the Band Aid Facelift simply fits the life strategy of some better.  It is more “patient-friendly”, meaning people in their 40’s as well as people in their 80’s who want to take the clock back 10 years have the Band Aid Facelift as an alternative instead of the cookie-cutter, traditional approach.  Then in 10 years or so they can come back and do another Band Aid Facelift, never having to be concerned with undergoing a major procedure. With all this information, now you should know the Band Aid Facelift is a patient-friendly procedure with little downtime and great results!
John L. LeRoy, Jr., F.A.C.S., P.C.

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