10 Things To Consider When Using Facebook

I realize this has nothing to do with plastic & cosmetic surgery, but I wanted to share anyway…

1. What is your intention? Connect with friends, business, make new friends, I don’t know.

2. Google your name. Check your web presence every now and then. You may be surprised.

3. Security level. You may want to set Facebook privacy levels to friends only to start with. Keep looking around. There are a lot of security levels for different things.

4. Your timeline. This stuff will be cached somewhere your entire life. A photo of you putting (8) hotdogs in your mouth while on your head may be hilarious now but not to your future boss. (See # 2.)

5. Multiple Facebook accounts. One for family, one for friends, one for business vs Facebook for family, https://www.linkedin.com/ for business and Twitter for social, or any combination which works for you.

6. Don’t put anything on the internet that you wouldn’t want your mother to read or watch.

7. Don’t drink and blog  🙂

8. If it is questionable save it and send it tomorrow. Re: read it first.

9. Be Polite. Listen to your friends. Before you add any photo of them you might want to ask permission.

10. Don’t write too much. Don’t write too little. You figure it out.

11. When on the internet you are at a big social event, you just can’t see everyone, but they can see you.