Weight Loss Truths Part 1

Below are some weight loss truths you may not want to know about your diet and exercise program. Adjust your fitness program accordingly…

1. Food Calories count more. The calories listed on the nutritional information label on the package are “big” Calories (kilocalories), so multiply what you read by 1000. If the package says 150 calories (a typical number for a regular soda) it is really 150,000 calories (with a small “c”).

2. The calories you burn on exercise equipment like a stationary bike are the “small calories” unless it is listed specifically as a food Calorie. This means, unless specified, you are actually burning 1/1000th as many Calories than what is displayed on the equipment.

3. You lose weight in specific areas differently. Some exercise routines promote faster weight loss in the face. Others promote loss faster in the chest area.

4. You don’t need a fancy diet or exercise program to lose and maintain weight – their primary function is to serve as motivation.

5. Calories in (food/beverage consumption) minus calories out (exercise) = weight gain or weight loss.   It’s really that simple.

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