Weight Loss Truths Part 2

More weight loss truths you may not want to know about your diet and exercise program. Adjust your fitness program accordingly. 🙂

1.    “You” still have to ride the bike. “You” still have to row the boat. “You” cannot just watch the TV personality and lose weight.

2.    You need a disciplined program, not a severe one. You can give yourself diet and exercise holidays. Just make sure they’re “holidays” and not an occurrence that grows more and more common!

3.     You can be nice to yourself without being indulgent. For example, swearing off sweets entirely isn’t being nice – eating a chocolate cake is being indulgent. But, having a small slice of cake on a weekend is a lovely treat for successfully controlling yourself all week!

4.    You gain weight by expanding the fat cells you have; not by growing more fat cells. This means you won’t see results instantly because your existing fat cells need to lose enough mass across the board before they shrink.

5.     For weight loss, if you must choose just one to follow, diet or exercise, choose diet. It decreases your caloric intake, which is a much more beneficial thing to slow down than to attempt to exercise away that hot fudge sundae. Of course, it is still best to do both