Weight Loss Truths Part 3

1. Change of lifestyle seems intimidating—especially when it comes to losing weight. Try changing one thing at a time, something small; add more as you grow accustomed to each change.

2. Don’t think of exercise as something you can only do in the gym or dismissing anything less than running a marathon. Do simple activities all day. Be creative.

3. As with all things in life, commitment and self-discipline are imperative to reach your goal. Your workout is only as effective as you let it be.

4. It’s not that you can’t “diet and exercise” it’s the wanting to “diet and exercise” every day. Be it rain or shine, feeling good or bad, there can be no excuses if you are seriously looking for a change.

5. Don’t let someone else do your thinking. You know you the best and know what you can realistically do. Read. Think. Make a simple plan and start. Now. This second. Stop reading. Now.