Botox Blog Series Part 2

The Many Faces of Botox, Part 2

Last time we talked about the applications of Botox®. We discussed its relative merits in reducing platysma bands, eye twitches, and creating symmetry in patients suffering from partial face paralysis. This week we’ll discuss two more uses for Botox®; these uses are pretty fascinating cures for common ailments!

Sweat Prevention
Its technical term is hyperhydrosis – the excessive production of sweat in an individual. Some people will let the issue run its course, retiring themselves to being someone who “just sweats a lot”. Did you know there is a simple way to stop this? A little bit of Botox® to the armpits or an overly sweaty palm is enough to paralyze the sweat glands therein, resulting in a marked decrease in sweat production.

Migraines are the result of pressure inside your head; at least, that’s what it feels like. The use of Botox® to temporarily treat sufferers of migraine headaches is nothing new. While it’s not a cure for migraines, it’s a great way to temporarily relieve the pain, assuming you’re in close proximity to doctors skilled in the use of Botox®.