First Successful Eyelash Transplant in the UK

We recently wrote a blog about Latisse®, the first and only FDA approved prescription treatment for sparse or insufficient eyelashes. Since then, Latisse® use has spiked nationally and in our office as well, with more and more patients seeking this treatment for fuller, longer, and darker lashes. But Latisse® may not be the only alternative to fake lashes and globs of mascara…

Transform, Britain’s number one cosmetic surgery group, successfully completed the first ever eyelash transplant. The procedure is meant to give eyelashes back to men and women who have experienced complete or partial eyelash loss. The eyelash transplant is a microsurgical procedure, similar to traditional hair transplantation, done under local anesthesia, where the physician takes a hair graft from the head, dissects it under a high-powered microscope, and then places it into tiny incisions made at the edge of the eyelid.
Unlike Latisse® which is done for cosmetic purposes, the eyelash transplant procedure was developed for patients who suffer from alopecia, trichotillomania (obsessive self plucking), or those who lost hair due to chemotherapy. In fact, the first ever patient was a 19 year old girl, Louise Thomas of Stockport, Manchester, who had lost her eyelashes from trichotillomania. Transform has noted that the transplant procedure can be done for cosmetic purposes as well.

It is always exciting to see what other physicians and plastic surgeons are doing around the world to advance cosmetic surgery technology; but this is obviously a very new procedure and more trials and testing will need to be done to assure its effectiveness. If you are unsatisfied with your insufficient eyelashes now, schedule a consultation to find out more about Latisse® and what it can do for you.