A Common Cosmetic Procedure Effective for Migraine Relief

Studies are indicating something we in the cosmetic field didn’t quite expect – patients who have had forehead lifts are all harmonizing their voices in saying they also are experiencing migraine headache relief. It is true that we use Botox® (and maybe in the future the recently FDA approved Dysport®) for migraine relief, but that is a rather temporary fix for a problem that can persist for one’s entire life. Even those who have undergone a forehead lift procedure six months ago are still reporting drastically reduced occurrences of migraines.

This news came largely by accident, when plastic surgeon Dr. Bahman Guyuron was told by his patients of their newfound relief. This is great news, as those suffering from chronic migraines often have to make large sacrifices in their lives to accommodate the illness. The forehead lift procedure involves the removal of a certain set of forehead muscles and as it turns out, these muscles may irritate nearby nerves that instigate migraines. More research is needed, but if a cure for chronic migraine sufferers also happens to make them look younger, we’ll all be the better for it!