What are the Different Breast Augmentation Incision Sites? Dr. LeRoy Gives the Answers

Two of the most common questions that breast augmentation patients have when they come in for a consultation is, “Where will my incision be made?” and “Will there be scarring?” The answers to these questions depend on the needs of the individual patient and the method recommended to deliver them with their desired look. Below is an overview of the different incision sites available for breast augmentations:

Areola (Nipple) Incision

With this type of technique, a small incision is made on the outer rim of the areola (the dark area around the nipple). By carefully making the incision where the dark skin meets the light skin, the subsequent scar will be better concealed. Because a breast lift procedure requires a similar scar, this type of implant technique is often done in conjunction with a breast lift. This type of incision is made very close to where the actual implant will lie, and therefore gives the surgeon better control over the placement of the implant. However, because of the proximity of the milk duct to the incision site, your surgeon must use a protective sleeve during the operation to avoid future breast feeding complications.

Inframammary (under the breast) incision

An incision made in the crease lying under the breast is the most common type of incision. Like the areolar incision, the surgeon has more control over the placement of the implant because it is close to the incision site. Scarring from this type of incision will only be visible when a patient is lying horizontally, because the incision will be hidden in the crease under the breast. Another advantage of this incision site is that, if for any reason a revision surgery is needed, a surgeon can use this same incision site, without making additional scars.

Transaxillary (Underarm) Incision

With an incision made in the armpit, your surgeon can insert an unfilled implant into position, and then fill the implant using an endoscope and tube filler, with the desired amount of saline. Because of the post-placement filling of the implant, silicone implants are not an option with this technique. An underarm incision is one of the most discrete places to have scarring because the incision in hidden within the armpit. Although unlike the inframammary incision, this incision site cannot be used again for future revisions.

Naval Incision

A breast augmentation with a naval incision is known as T.U.B.A or a trans-umbilical breast augmentation. In this technique, an incision is made on the rim on the naval, and like the underarm approach, implants are inserted and put into place unfilled. The surgeon than endoscopically fills the implant with a pre-determined amount of saline (again, silicone is not an option). With this type of technique, the incision is very discrete and there is no scarring around the breast area.

Keep in mind that the above information is simply an overview of the available breast enhancement incision sites. To decide which incision would be the best for your needs, schedule a consultation.

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