Why Dr. LeRoy’s Definition of Plastic Surgery Conflicts with Heidi Montag’s ’10 Procedures in 1 Day’

If you have read the latest issue of people magazine, or have been paying attention to any entertainment news source, you have heard about the controversy surrounding Heidi Montag’s plethora of plastic surgeries.

The reality TV star (of MTV’s ‘The Hills’) and aspiring pop singer underwent 10 cosmetic procedures in one day! Procedures included breast augmentation revision, rhinoplasty revision, mini brow lift, Botox®, dermal fat graft injections of the cheeks and lips, chin reduction, liposuction of the chin, ear surgery, butt augmentation, and liposuction of the tummy and thighs. Montag has self proclaimed that she is “beyond obsessed” with plastic surgery.

Normally, I don’t feel compelled to comment on the drama of the celebrity world, or the hundreds of stars that undergo cosmetic surgery, but in this case, I think it is important to share with you my definition of plastic surgery, and how it conflicts with how plastic surgery is being portrayed in news surrounding Montag.

For me, cosmetic surgery is all about enhancing your natural and existing beauty, not turning you into someone you are not. Looking at before and after pictures of Montag, she could easily be mistaken for a different person altogether. When my patients come in for cosmetic procedures, they can be reassured that they will recognize the person in the mirror after the procedure. Take my Band Aid Facelift procedure for example: it is performed with gentle numbing, in-office and is a minimally invasive way to take years off your appearance, while still keeping you looking like you. Plastic surgery isn’t about transforming you into a picture perfect stranger, it is about helping you to become your most beautiful and confident self.

While it is fairly common for patients to undergo multiple procedures at the same time, having a 23 year old go through 10 procedures in one day is excessive, unnecessary, and potentially  dangerous, to say the least. As I have discussed in length in previous blogs, I cannot stress enough the importance of enlisting the services of a board certified plastic surgeon. Being board certified means that your surgeon not only has experience and educational merit, but that he/she has pledged to live up to the ethical and moral standards put in place by the board.

As always, if you have any questions about this blog or about a cosmetic procedure you are considering, contact our office to schedule a consultation.