Introducing Band Aid Lipo

For patients that have very small areas of excess fat, but do not wish to undergo extensive surgery, Dr. John LeRoy has developed “Band Aid Lipo” – a less complicated, smaller-scale version of a liposuction procedure.

Similar to Dr. LeRoy’s Band Aid Facelift, Band Aid Lipo can be performed in office, while the patient is awake under local anesthesia. This procedure is sometimes referred to as “mini liposuction” or “touch-up” and is used to target very specific areas of the body – removing tiny deposits of fat that are resisting the efforts of diet and exercise. Common areas treated with the Band Aid Lipo procedure include the tummy, “saddlebags”, hips, area around the knees, under the chin, and behind the elbows. Because of the less invasive nature of this procedure, the patient will experience minimal downtime and see immediate results.

Because of safety precautions, Band Aid Liposuction is only recommended for patients with very minute amounts of fat.  For fat removal of greater volume, traditional liposuction will be recommended. The ideal Band Aid Liposuction patient is of normal weight, fit, and in good physical health, but is unhappy with small fatty areas of the body that they can’t seem to get rid of no matter how hard they exercise.

To find out if Dr. LeRoy’s Band Aid Lipo is the right procedure for you, schedule a consultation.