Popular Medical Show ‘The Doctors’ Features Mini Facelift Technique Similar to Dr. LeRoy’s Band Aid Facelift

Recently featured on an episode of the popular medical question and answer show, “The Doctors” was a minimally invasive, mini facelift technique coined, “Nick-Tuck” facelift (after the featured plastic surgeon’s own name). The episode talked to a “Nick-Tuck” patient – a woman in her early fifties that wanted to look younger in the wake of her recent divorce and had decided to undergo the procedure. The featured surgeon, whose procedure is performed while the patient is awake and only requires local anesthesia, boasted that he had been performing this procedure for the last two years.

If you are familiar with Atlanta Plastic Surgeon, Dr. John LeRoy, you are also aware of his Band Aid Facelift – a similarly minimally invasive mini facelift technique only requiring local anesthesia. However, unlike the surgeon featured on “The Doctors” who has been performing this surgery since 2008 – Dr. LeRoy has been performing his originally developed Band Aid Facelift since 1997!

While the minimally invasive nature of the two facelifts are similar, Dr. LeRoy has been perfecting his Band Aid Facelift technique for over 12 years, performing about 2,000 to date.  His Band Aid Facelift can be performed in his office, using only gentle numbing. Using smaller incisions, Band Aid Facelift can refresh and lift the look of the face and reduce fine lines and wrinkles with less cost and shorter recovery time. The goal of the Band Aid facelift is subtlety – making it a perfect option for patients who want to look like themselves, just 10 years younger.

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