In the Hands of the Right Physician Every Step of the Way: The Importance of Getting What you Pay for When it Comes to Cosmetic Procedures

When talking about the credentials of any reputable physician you often hear the names of prestigious medical universities and fellowships they attended, mentions of board and even double board certifications they earned, and the number of years they have been practicing in their particular field. But no matter how impressive a physician’s credentials are on paper, these credentials only really matter if you are dealing directly with that particular doctor and are not passed off to a nurse or physician’s assistant when it comes time for treatment.

You research and consciously sign up for a doctor so that you can be treated by that particular doctor, not a less qualified member of his/her staff.  That is not to say that a staff cannot be incredibly qualified and supportive – but as a patient, you are paying for that particular doctor’s expertise.

You should clearly communicate your expectations during the initial consultation and ask your physician how much of your cosmetic treatment will be performed by him/her and how much will be performed by someone else.

At our practice, Dr. LeRoy does the consultation, performs each and every injection, and makes every incision during surgery – just like you pay for and expect from a professional physician.

The bottom line: a good doctor with good training and good technique is your best chance at a fantastic result; so make sure your treatment is performed by the doctor you signed up for.

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