Extension of Dysports Love it or Leave it Special

After well over 90% of patients choosing to “love it” in the Dysport® “Love it or Leave it Challenge”, the makers of the wrinkle removing product are choosing to extend the special until September 30, 2010!

If you missed Dr. LeRoy’s first blog about the challenge, here is how it works:

Patients who wish to try Dysport® can receive a $75 rebate on their first 300 unit injection. If they “Love it” they can follow steps on DysportUSA.com to receive an additional $75 rebate on their next Dysport® injection. If for some reason patients decide they are unhappy with the results, they can “Leave It” and can be treated with the competition product, Botox®.

Dysport® is a wrinkle removing injectable made with the purified toxin Botulinum. It works by relaxing facial muscles to reduce and remove existing wrinkles and furrows as well as prevent further wrinkling from forming.

To date, 49,000 patients have taken the challenge, and with over 90% choosing to love it – there really is nothing to lose! Contact the office of Dr. John Leroy and schedule your appointment to receive your first injection by September 30!