Importance of Patient-Centric Surgeons with Botox Injections like those of Reality TV Star Kate Gosselin

Us Magazine readers and Gosselin gossipers have probably already seen the photos of Reality TV star and famed mom of sextuplets Kate Gosselin’s before and after images from her recently reported dermal injections to remedy facial wrinkles.  The images capture Gosselin’s newly “super-arched” eyebrows, and have readers raising theirs at her dramatic appearance.  Medical resources of the magazine speculate that Gosselin’s overly dramatic results can be attributed to her surgeons’ injection of the muscle relaxing Botox® or Dysport® in a “v” shape between her eyes to eliminate frown lines and the non-treatment of the muscles above the brows which have caused them to over-work.

Dr. John LeRoy, an experienced Atlanta plastic and cosmetic surgeon, urges potential facial rejuvenation patients to use Gosselin’s reported experience as a warning to avoid less experienced surgeons who might opt for a similar template driven surgical plan.

Regardless of the media coverage and speculations, Dr. LeRoy stresses to patients the importance of a thorough consultation in stating, “It is of upmost importance for potential facial rejuvenation patients to seek only those certified Plastic Surgeons who will invest in a quality consultation with their patients.  Your surgeon needs to become acquainted with your specific needs. Even if you are receiving a small treatment like dermal injections of Botox® or Dysport®, it’s only those surgeons who make a point to observe your specific problem areas and the causes of those issues (repeated facial expressions in the case of forehead wrinkles) that deliver effective, natural looking rejuvenation results. “

In addition to minimally invasive dermal injections, Dr. John LeRoy has developed a series of “Band Aid” procedures to address facial aging which provide the added benefit of being performed in-office requiring only local anesthesia.  If you are interested in pursuing a facial rejuvenation procedure contact Dr. John LeRoy’s office today or visit his website.