The Difference is In the Doctor: The Distinction Between Face Lift Procedures

The Difference is In the Doctor: The Distinction Between Face Lift ProceduresWhat’s in a name?  If you’re talking about the bevy of creatively titled facelift and mini facelift procedures available to consumers today, there’s not much there.  Despite creative efforts to brand Atlanta’s plastic surgeons, the true difference lies in the procedures’ results. 

As the onslaught of media coverage detailing minimally-invasive facelift-like procedures reveals:  men and women want to look like a younger version of themselves without having to empty their bank accounts or take weeks and weeks to recover from cosmetic surgery.  But if the history of legal trouble some partial (mini) facelift “brands” teaches us  anything, it’s that consumers should be more careful than ever to ensure the surgeon they are choosing is right for them (and that they’re not lusting after the procedure’s label.) 

These partial, mini, facelift procedures (ideally) subtly tighten specific regions of a patient’s facial skin as well as tightening the underlying muscle groups so that the result s look as natural as possible.  Unfortunately, many of the mini facelift “brands” are just that: a name advertised by any doctor who is willing to pay for the rights to the brand.  If adopted by a board certified plastic surgeon with ample experience, this doesn’t pose any problem.  The fact that any licensed physician can pay for these rights and offer the procedure, regardless of their experience, is where the actual value and results get a little questionable. 

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. John LeRoy has performed over 2,600 Band Aid Facelifts and traditional facelift procedures during his surgical career.  Unlike the aforementioned examples, Dr. LeRoy created his original Band Aid Facelift in an attempt to separate his meticulous surgical technique from other well-marketed, but not necessarily as thoroughly performed mini facelift procedures. 

Dr. LeRoy reiterates the importance of researching any prospective cosmetic surgeon’s credentials and past results before undergoing surgery.  To learn more about the cosmetic facial, breast, and body procedures Dr.LeRoy performs visit his website and read his blog.