Is Plastic Surgery the Rage in Hollywood, or Could it Limit Jobs for Movie Stars?

Hollywood trends affect our everyday lives, even here in Atlanta, GA. Cosmetic surgery is a highly controversial “Hollywood trend” that is often the center of tinsel town media. In a previous blog post Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. John LeRoy discussed Betty White’s plastic surgery misconceptions, in which she stated that plastic surgery makes people unrecognizable.

Is Plastic Surgery the Rage in Hollywood, or Could it Limit Jobs for Movie Stars?Dr. LeRoy also discussed the difference the doctor makes in plastic surgery results. Hollywood plastic surgeons’ penchant for “going big” has come into question with a recent Entertainment Weekly article describing Pirates of the Caribbean 4 creators’ refusal to cast actors who have had cosmetic surgery procedures, specifically breast augmentation.

The creators of this movie seem to believe that all plastic surgery results are noticeable because they said not to even audition if you’ve had previous cosmetic surgeries. They stated that noticeable cosmetic procedure results are historically inaccurate and take away from the movie. However, with the right plastic surgeon, it is possible that some actors made it through without having to admit to their procedures.
There are patients who go into plastic surgery procedures hoping to gain dramatic results, but many patients just want to look like a better version of themselves. Dr. John LeRoy, of Atlanta Facelift, makes subtlety a priority, and has even developed mini-plastic surgery procedures known asBand Aid procedures.

Dr. LeRoy uses his Band Aid Facelift and Band Aid Liposuction procedures to subtly enhance the appearance of patients face and body in-office using only gentle numbing with local anesthesia.  Even with more traditional cosmetic breast procedures, Dr. LeRoy always aims to provide aesthetically pleasing, yet natural looking plastic surgery results. Be sure to discuss your plastic surgery expectations with your board certified plastic surgeon at your consultation, and be honest about your desired results.  Learn more about plastic surgery news on Atlanta Facelift’s website and blog.