Average Facelift Takes 12 Years Off Appearance Study Says

Average Facelift Takes 12 Years Off Appearance Study SaysA facelift is a cosmetic procedure that can take years off of a person’s appearance by smoothing wrinkles and tightening skin around the face and neck.  However, before now the number of years reduced by a facelift was debatable.  Kansas plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Swanson’s recently released facial cosmetic surgery study concluded that facelift surgery makes patients look an average of 12 years younger.

While Dr. Swanson’s research did not include results for “mini” facelifts, he did observe 122 facelift patients, with an average age of 57, from 2002 to 2007. Motivated by the fact that informed patients are usually more satisfied, Dr. Swanson hoped to provide plastic surgery patients more information on what to expect after a facelift. The information gathered in Dr. Swanson’s research denotes patient satisfaction as well as expected recovery times.

Although the facelift is sometimes misrepresented (i.e.- Betty White Reveal’s the Common Misconception that Plastic Surgery Makes People Look Unrecognizable), Dr. Swanson’s research shows that most patients (97%) are satisfied with their facelift results.  His research also shows that 90% of facelift patients received positive feedback from others.  Most patients (80%) reported higher self-esteem after surgery, and 70% reported an improvement in their quality of life.  Dr. Swanson also examined the participants’ recovery times so that future facelift patients would know what to expect and plan accordingly.  His research showed an average of 24 days off work, but most patients’ only experienced pain in the first 10 days.  Dr. LeRoy gives his facelift patients an estimated recovery time during consultation once he assesses all factors involved.  For instance, some facelift patients may benefit from other procedures like eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), upper facelift (brow lift), or lower facelift (neck lift) depending on the areas of the face displaying signs of again.

Long recovery times are no dilemma for Dr. John LeRoy’s Band Aid Facelift.  Although this “mini” procedure does not produce results as dramatic as those associated with a traditional facelift, Dr. LeRoy’s Band Aid Facelift patients prefer their natural result and indicated their results last an average of ten years.  In fact, since the Band Aid Facelift has been such a success, Dr. LeRoy expanded his menu of minimally-invasive procedures.  He also offers: Band Aid Blepharoplasty, Band Aid Brow Lift, Band Aid Liposuction, and Band Aid Tummy Tuck.

Dr. LeRoy likes to use research to keep his patients informed about all cosmetic procedures in an effort to keep them educated.  For more information on the procedures he provides, visit his website or contact his office. Make sure to also read his blog for breaking plastic surgery news.