Atlanta Facelift Introduces Band Aid Tummy Tuck

Atlanta Facelift Introduces Band Aid Tummy TuckPlastic surgery techniques that produce great results for one patient may not even be noticeable for another.   Therefore, plastic surgeons must consider these differences before surgery to ensure that every patient gets the best results possible.  Practicing since 1992, I’ve come to realize that these differences extend past plastic surgery results and also apply to need.  Take two facelift patients for example. One is 48 and has lived a very healthy, active lifestyle.  The other fictitious patient for our example is 65 and a smoker.  The 48 year old will clearly not need as much work as the 65 year old, possibly not even enough to warrant a full facelift procedure but a Band Aid facelift.  This type of instance is exactly why I created my Band Aid procedures.

Band Aid procedures are minimally invasive versions of traditional cosmetic procedures.  Plastic surgery’s bad reputation, as explained in my blog about Betty White, has developed because of some plastic surgery patients’ unnatural-looking results.  These results are typically the outcome of patients getting procedures they don’t need: patients having full, traditional procedures when they could benefit more from a subtle change.  At Atlanta Facelift, I offer Band Aid Facelift, Band Aid Brow Lift, Band Aid Blepharoplasty, Band Aid Liposuction, and now, Band Aid Tummy Tuck.

Similar to a traditional tummy tuck, the Band Aid Tummy Tuck can remove stretched, sagging abdominal tissue that’s often caused by weight loss or pregnancy, but instead of creating an incision spanning the abdomen, I concentrate solely on the problem area, making it minimally invasive. Like my other Band Aid procedures, I perform the Band Aid Tummy Tuck in my office with gentle numbing using local anesthesia.

The Band Aid Tummy Tuck is reserved for patients who are at a healthy body weight, just as Band Aid Liposuction best serves patients who only have a small amount of fat to remove. With that in mind, pairing Band Aid Tummy Tuck with Band Aid Liposuction can provide already-fit patients with optimal results. Though a typical Mommy Makeover also typically includes a breast procedure, women interested in Mommy Makeover Surgery may also consider this combination of minimally invasive procedures. 

Visit my website for more information on the cosmetic procedures that I perform and for complete explanations of all of my Band Aid procedures. Also, continue to read my blog, and be sure to find me on Facebook and Twitter so you can tell me more about what you’d like to know.