Did you know that I offer Band Aid Liposuction?

Band Aid LiposuctionEveryone’s heard of the popular cosmetic procedure that eliminates excess fat through suctioning cannulas called liposuction, right? Then, you’ve probably also heard that the procedure does require a bit of recovery time.  However, if you have small, stubborn fat pockets to get rid of (i.e.- fat pockets above the knee, hips, abdomen, etc.), you may be a candidate for less invasive Band Aid Liposuction.

Like the rest of my Band Aid procedures, Band Aid Liposuction is reserved for patients whose areas of concern do not justify having the full surgery. Also like the rest, Band Aid Liposuction can be performed in-office with only gentle numbing: making recovery time much shorter. Be aware, however, that while most small areas of stubborn fat can be treated with only gentle numbing, larger areas with a lot of nerve endings will require general anesthesia.

Band Aid Liposuction is one of five of my original Band Aid procedures, including: Band Aid Facelift, Band Aid Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), Band Aid Brow Lift and Band Aid Tummy Tuck. Each of these procedures is minimally invasive, so if you’ve been considering plastic surgery, but aren’t sure you require a full procedure, or are looking for a procedure with maximum benefits and minimal downtime, schedule a consultation today.

While a specific surgical plan can only be made after a cosmetic consultation, it’s also helpful to know that many of these minimally invasive procedures can be combined. Similar to Mommy Makeover Surgery in which I often simultaneously perform a breast surgery with liposuction and/or a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), some Band Aid Blepharoplasty patients may choose to combine it with a Band Aid Brow Lift for total eye rejuvenation. Band Aid Liposuction patients who are concerned with abdominal fat often have excess abdominal tissue contributing to their esthetic concerns. If these patients only have small amounts of sagging abdominal skin, they may benefit from combining their procedure with a Band Aid Tummy Tuck.

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