ASAPS Emphasizes Importance of Experience with Stem Cell Plastic Surgery Technology

dr john leroyI continually remind patients to only seek plastic surgery procedures from board certified plastic surgeons who have experience performing the specific procedures they’re pursuing. According to a statement released last week by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), experience is also a vital part of selecting an appropriate plastic surgery technique.

The ASAPS statement urges consumers to proceed with caution if they’re contemplating procedures like stem cell facial rejuvenation or stem cell breast augmentation saying, “Although stem cell technology in the area of plastic surgery is very promising, scientific evidence is still insufficient.”

The stem cell procedures in question harvest a patient’s own blood and/or fat for reinjection into an area of the body in need of rejuvenation.  Theoretically, the reinjected material is supposed to be treated to isolate an individual’s own stem cells so that they boost the treatment area’s specialized (collagen production or fat) cells allowing the area to look like it did during youth.  The problem is that the methods for isolating and reinjecting these cells haven’t been done enough to ensure that the procedures do what they are designed to do.

Given the fact that plastic surgery results can take months to become fully visible, longitudinal evidence from a large enough sampling of plastic surgery patients simply does not yet exist with this type of procedure.  I urge patients interested in these types of minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedures to instead consider other “mini” versions of procedures that utilize techniques based on traditional plastic surgery methods such as my original Band Aid Procedures.

As an individual who has dedicated my career to helping improve others, I completely understand the allure and possibility presented by new plastic surgery techniques; however, I continue to urge patients to do their research when it comes to the procedures they pursue and the plastic surgeons they entrust to perform them.

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