What to Expect During a Liposuction Plastic Surgery Consultation

Dr. John LeRoy, Plastic Surgeon AtlantaWhen preparing for a plastic surgery procedure, most patients complete thorough research into their doctor—looking through board certifications, before and after galleries, and meeting with potential surgeons. With a major emphasis on patient education, Dr. John LeRoy encourages these steps in preparing for a cosmetic surgery procedure, especially their pre-surgical consultation.

While a consultation gives the patient a chance to meet his or her surgeon, it also gives the surgeon a chance to gauge the goals and expectations that each patient has and help formulate a surgical plan to address their individual needs. Dr. LeRoy makes sure to discuss each patient’s family medical history and lifestyle in order to know how to properly prepare for surgery—both mentally and physically—as well as to prepare his team for each individual’s case.

Dr. LeRoy sets aside a large amount of time for each patient’s consultation in order to answer questions or address any concerns the patient may have as well as to ensure that they are made fully aware of the risks, recovery time, benefits, and costs of his or her cosmetic surgery procedure(s). The consultation is a great time to bring a list of questions for your surgeon to answer about your procedure.

Because patient education is one of Dr. LeRoy’s main goals during the consultation process, he takes the time to show each patient before and after photos and explain the steps needed to achieve each person’s desired look based on the patient’s feedback and current physical appearance. He takes the time to explain the scope of each proposed procedure so no patient feels uninformed or left out of the surgery process.

Take liposuction for example. This procedure, which uses a tumescent fluid and vacuum-like suction to remove unwanted fat through cannulas, is extremely diverse. Often, patients with excess fat in areas such as arms, legs, thighs, love handles (flanks), abdomen, hips, back, and buttocks pursue liposuction. During a patient consultation Dr. LeRoy explains the liposuction process and expected recovery in depth. Patients with only a small amount of excess fat in areas like knees, saddlebags, under the chin, abdomen and hips may benefit from Band Aid Liposuction, which is performed in-office with gentle numbing (local anesthesia).

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