Pippa Butt Lift: Cosmetic Surgery Trends vs. Tradition

Pippa Butt Lift: Cosmetic Surgery Trends vs. TraditionCosmetic surgery has changed drastically since I first opened my Atlanta plastic surgery practice in 1992. Back then, cosmetic procedures seemed to be reserved for movie stars and the exceedingly wealthy, and plastic surgery procedures were definitely not discussed as openly as they are now. My previous blog post about Betty White’s opinion of plastic surgery is a prime example of the negative associations some have with plastic surgery, though these associations have recently changed. These days, cosmetic surgery is more financially accessible and socially accepted. In fact, plastic surgery trends like the recently-popular Pippa Middleton butt lift have become all the rage. Even with the increased interest in and accessibility of plastic surgery, I’ve found that patients are more satisfied with their plastic surgery results when they undergo a procedure not to end up looking like someone else, but an enhanced version of themselves instead.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on the trend), fads and trends change. Although you can go buy new shoes when yours are out of style, it’s not so easy to have revisionary plastic surgery as the trends change. When pursuing cosmetic surgery, it’s important to maintain a realistic perspective of what can be achieved through surgery. Finding the right plastic surgeon for the job is also very important.

With so many plastic surgery horror stories, it seems like a no-brainer to find a qualified plastic surgeon who is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, but somehow these types of stories remain in the news. That’s why I strive to teach patients, whether or not they are my patients, the importance of plastic surgery board certification. Aside from qualifications, it’s very important for a patient to feel comfortable with their plastic surgeon. Scheduling consultations with multiple surgeons will help a patient gain insight on what he or she is really looking for in a plastic surgeon.

Once you have a healthy perspective prior to surgery and have found the right plastic surgeon, you have to determine which procedure(s) you’d like to pursue. This seems like it would be your first plastic surgery decision, but something I’ve learned in my years as a surgeon is that many patients know they want and need something done, but they still need guidance about what procedures will produce their desired results.

Although I do not perform buttock augmentation or the Pippa butt lift, I do perform cosmetic surgery of the face, breasts, and body. I aim to teach my patients that trends change so that they won’t be disappointed when the next popular procedure comes along. I also aim to teach patients that sometimes less is more. Patients can often achieve the plastic surgery results they’re after with “mini” plastic surgery procedures or my original Band Aid procedures. I created the Band Aid Facelift in 1997 to provide patients who didn’t need a traditional facelift a less invasive option. I’ve extended my menu of Band Aid procedures to include: liposuction, tummy tuck, brow lift, blepharoplasty, and now laser skin resurfacing. All Band Aid procedures are performed in-office with gentle numbing.

When you hear about a new cosmetic surgery trend, think realistically about how soon that trend might change and the permanence of plastic surgery results. Once you’re ready for cosmetic surgery, do your research to avoid plastic surgery regrets. To learn more about the procedure I perform and my new Band Aid Laser treatment, visit my website. Also be sure to connect with me on Facebook and Twitter.