Dr. LeRoy Now Offering Revision Skincare

Dr. LeRoy Now Offering Revision Skincare in Atlanta GA

With 20 years of experience serving his Atlanta patients, cosmetic and plastic surgeon Dr. John LeRoy knows patients want to maintain their rejuvenated appearance for as long as possible after treatment.  While it’s frustrating to hear, the face does continue to age after surgical procedures like a facelift; however, with proper precaution and the use of quality skin care products, the rate at which your appearance ages after facial rejuvenation can be greatly reduced.

This is the reason that Dr. LeRoy is now offering his patients Revision® skin care products.  Unique in their scientifically proven composition and ability to target skin issues like acne and age spots through multiple channels, Revision® has several product lines developed for specific treatment areas and concerns.  Their Intellishade® products help hide existing skin blemishes with a tinted concealer while protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays with a healthy broad-spectrum SPF.  Revision®’s Nectifirm line helps tighten loose skin along the neck for patients who have previously undergone a necklift or those not yet in need of the procedure who are starting to notice lax skin.  For aging eyes, or those that wish to optimize the effects of blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), Revision® Teamine® products can help reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eye and wrinkles in the eye area.

While Dr. LeRoy doesn’t suggest skin care products as a substitute for more comprehensive skin treatments, he does know that quality skin care products can make a big difference in maintaining facial rejuvenation results.  For more information on the skin treatment and skin care products Dr. LeRoy provides, visit his website and connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.