Save on Restylane® Through Dr.LeRoy and Gilt City

Save on Restylane® Through Dr.LeRoy and Gilt CityIf you like to shop online, now you have even more reason to do so.  July 30th through August 13th, the makers of Restylane® facial filler will be offering up to $300 towards wrinkle reduction treatment with the injectable product from Dr. John LeRoy.   All you have to do to take advantage of the savings is visit to purchase your $100 or $300 treatment vouchers.  This site features luxury goods and services for up to 75% off their regular retail price.  A $100 Restylane® voucher costs only $49 and is good for $100 off your Restylane® treatment total at Dr. LeRoy’s.  Patients who purchase this type of voucher must receive a minimum of 1mL of the product and may not use more than 3 vouchers (good for 3 mL) toward their purchase.

For patients who wish to receive more of the product, $300 vouchers may be purchased on the site for $149.  These vouchers are good toward a treatment of 2mLs minimum and 6mLs maximum.  As with the $100 vouchers, no more than 3 may be used toward a treatment.  Patients looking to take advantage of these Gilt City savings must receive Restylane® treatment with Dr. LeRoy before September 30th, 2012.

Restylane® is an injectable gel filler that can be used to re-volumize sunken areas caused by collagen depletion and sagging skin around the nose and mouth.  Most Restylane® patients report noticeable wrinkle reduction and facial volume for six to nine months following treatment.

To learn more about the other non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures that Dr. LeRoy provides such as Dysport® injections, Band Aid Laser Skin Resurfacing, or microdermabrasion visit his website.  You can also connect with him on Facebook (Dr. John L. LeRoy) and Twitter (@JohnLLeRoyJrMD) for regular plastic surgery news updates and special offers as they become available.