How do I Know if I need a Facelift or a Necklift?

Loose skin underneath the chin is a very common cosmetic complaint.  In fact, per the request of some of our Facebook fans, we’d like to use this blog to address the facial rejuvenation options for patients with this issue.  As we get older, the muscles of the neck lose tone and the production of structural collagen begins to slow, leaving us with the appearance of a double chin or prominent banding around the neck instead of a svelte jaw line.  Equally common to this aesthetic concern is the idea that a traditional facelift is the only procedure available to fix it.facelift surgery atlanta

As we detailed in our blog answering your facelift surgery FAQs, Dr. John LeRoy performs facelift surgery to address excess, sagging skin around the face and neck as well as wrinkles around the mouth and nose.  This option is ideal for those patients in need of overall facial rejuvenation; however, if your aging issues are isolated to the lower portion of the face, necklift surgery may be more beneficial.  Platysmaplasty  and cervicoplasty are necklift procedures designed specifically to address banding or loose, hanging skin contributing to the appearance of a waddle.  Additionally, many necklift patients also undergo liposuction of the neck to address any excess fat deposits underneath the chin.

Dr. LeRoy often performs necklift surgery for patients who have previously undergone other partial facelift procedures like Band Aid Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty) or browlift.  Because different regions of the face like the neck will age at varying rates, Dr. LeRoy has developed other Band Aid procedures to address these issues as they arise. He also often encourages patients who do elect this systematic rejuvenation approach to maintain their results with non-surgical procedures like Band Aid Laser Skin Resurfacing to create a subtle overall rejuvenation after a certain area has been more prominently addressed.

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