Don’t Blink: Addressing Signs of Eye Aging

Atlanta Eyelid SurgeryIf you haven’t noticed personally, the one thing everyone has to look forward to as they get older is aging eyes.  Not only does our vision change with age, but the skin around our eyes is also highly impacted by our repeated facial expressions and lifestyle factors like smoking, hydration, and sun exposure.  Whether you’re 30 or 65, eye aging can have a major impact on overall facial aesthetics.  Having seen patients for cosmetic facial rejuvenation for over 20 years, I guide patients to look at the root of their aging symptoms when selecting eye rejuvenation procedures.  Below is a selection of the most frequent eye concerns patients exhibit:

  • Crow’s Feet– These wrinkles around the outer corners of the eyes don’t just happen with age.  I see patients in their 30s and even in their 20s whose repeated facial expressions have caused these tiny lines to form.  Neuromodulators like Botox® or Dysport® are effective in temporarily reducing the appearance of crow’s feet.
  • Sagging upper eyelids– Also known as orbital prolapse or ptosis, this sagging skin of the eyelid happens as our bodies slow production of structural fibers like collagen and elastin.  Because sagging is usually the result of excess skin, I often recommend upper blepharoplasty to surgically excise the excess tissue and restore a more alert appearance.
  • Permanently furrowed brow– Deep wrinkles along the forehead and brow can make us look upset all the time.  Like crow’s feet and sagging lids, less elastic skin and repeated facial expressions are to blame here.  To reduce mild to moderate wrinkles on the forehead, I typically recommend neuromodulators or Band Aid Laser Skin Resurfacing.  For those patients with deeper forehead wrinkles, a browlift may be needed to address underlying muscles.

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