Levels of “Mini” Facial Rejuvenation Explained

We’ve all heard the expression “no pain, no gain”, but as you might expect and as the 2012 ASPS statistics indicate, a growing number of Americans are opting for minimally invasive facial rejuvenation procedures and their shorter downtimes over traditional facial plastic surgery procedures.  With nearly 11 million “mini” cosmetic procedures performed in the last year, Atlanta cosmetic and plastic surgeon Dr. John LeRoy wants patients to understand their facial rejuvenation options and what they can expect from each procedure.face_liposuction

Below are the four most commonly requested Atlanta facial rejuvenation procedures he performs in order of the degree of invasiveness and result noticeability.

Band Aid Laser Skin Resurfacing:  Completed with fractionated, DOT CO2 laser technology in-office with gentle numbing, this procedure typically lasts less than an hour and works to target and exfoliate dead, dull skin cells contributing to hyperpigmentation, sun damage, or mild to moderate wrinkling.  This treatment is not a method for skin or muscle tightening but should be used instead to treat superficial concern.  Those with lax skin and extensive wrinkling are typically more suited for Band Aid Plastic Surgery procedures.

Band Aid Browlift or Band Aid Blepharoplasty:  For those patients with areas of aging isolated to the top third or lower third of the face, Dr. LeRoy can perform a partial Band Aid Facelift to address lax muscles or sagging skin. Band Aid Blepharoplasty may be performed to address fat deposits underneath the eyes.  Like Band Aid Laser treatment, a Band Aid Browlift / Upper Facelift or Band Aid Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is performed in-office with gentle numbing.

Band Aid Facelift:  Developed in 1997 for patients seeking overall rejuvenation but not to the extent provided by traditional facelift surgery, Band Aid Facelift makes patients look an average of ten years younger.  Completed in-office with gentle numbing, Dr. LeRoy performs the Band Aid Facelift to remove excess skin and retighten underlying muscles through a series of very small incisions hidden within the hairline.  Most Band Aid Facelifts are able to drive themselves home after the procedure and return to their normal activities within a few days.

Facelift: Used to address signs of aging over the entire face, this procedure is performed in the hospital OR under twilight anesthesia.  The full, traditional facelift provides the most comprehensive treatment for those with moderate to advanced facial skin wrinkling and sagging.   Because there is more manipulation of the underlying facial muscles and skin excision, the average recuperation time is several weeks.

During his over 20 years of practice experience, Dr. LeRoy has performed over 3000 Band Aid Facelifts alone. He understands that the ever-evolving stream of surgical and mini facial rejuvenation procedures like the Vampire Facelift or the Lifestyle Lift can get confusing to consumers.

The important thing to understand about any “mini” procedure is that the results are not going to be as comprehensive as a traditional procedure.  The skin and muscle of the face will continue to age and eventually require re-treatment to maintain the results.

Please contact Dr. LeRoy’s office to schedule a consultation for any of the above facial procedures.  You can also connect with Dr. LeRoy on Facebook, Twitter, and Google + for the latest cosmetic and plastic surgery news.