Cosmetic Q & A: What is the best age for laser skin resurfacing?

Just like there is no one singular “age” appropriate for facial plastic surgery, there is not a particular age that makes a patient more suitable for laser treatment like Band Aid Laser Skin Resurfacing. The type of cosmetic treatment recommended for your concerns will depend largely on the severity of the signs of aging present as well as your history of other cosmetic procedures.

LeRoy BAlaser

For many previous mini facelift patients, as well as those who’ve had other facial cosmetic procedures, Band Aid Laser Skin Resurfacing is an effective option for restoring a more youthful appearance.  Using the power of DOT, fractionated CO2 laser technology, this treatment creates microscopic perforations in the skin’s surface that the body then heals with new, younger looking cells.  This action also promotes the skin’s ability to produce collagen, the structural fiber that gives young skin its suppleness and tone.

Advantageous over traditional laser technology as well as machines that use a less comprehensive energy source, Band Aid Laser Skin Resurfacing can produce visible cosmetic improvement in skin tone, surface texture, and evenness with one treatment.  Similar to Dr. John LeRoy’s other Band Aid Plastic Surgery procedures Laser Skin Resurfacing is completed in-office with gentle numbing.

Dr. LeRoy encourages all patients, whether they are receiving a chemical peel or traditional facelift, to protect their skin and slow the future signs of aging by wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen daily,refraining from smoking and staying hydrated.  To learn more about how you can increase the longevity of your plastic surgery results, make sure to continue reading Dr. LeRoy’s blog.  You can also connect with Dr. LeRoy on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for the latest in facial plastic surgery news.