Band Aid Facelift vs. Traditional Mini-Facelift: A Refined Technique

Over twenty years ago, the original facelift methods only tightened the skin, often leading to an overly tight appearance that diminished fairly quickly due to skin’s elasticity. Through the years, innovative doctors like board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John L. LeRoy have worked diligently to develop new methods of reviving the look of aging skin, tightening loose facial muscles and sagging skin with varying degrees of intensity.

facelift-in-atlanta-gaThe mini facelift method has been used by plastic surgeons for patients with isolated concerns who do not require a full facelift. The less invasive nature of a mini facelift also means it can be performed with local anesthesia as an in-office procedure. While the Band Aid Facelift is a “mini facelift” by definition, Dr. LeRoy’s surgical experience, refined technique, and usage of gentle numbing are exclusive.  Dr. LeRoy has said, “Though many cleverly named mini facelift procedures may sound like they produce similar results, it ultimately depends on the surgeon’s attention to detail and experience that will produce the most successful, natural looking results.”

The Band Aid Facelift was originally developed in 1997 by Dr. LeRoy to correct fine lines and wrinkles in a minimally-invasive way.  Today, the distinguished surgeon has performed over 3,000 Band Aid Facelifts to polish his technique and has developed mini procedures along the same focus of correcting and slowing the progression of facial aging before they occur. The Band Aid Procedure menu now includes treatments like Band Aid Liposuction, Band Aid Blepharoplasty, and Band Aid Skin Tightening.

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