Liposuction vs. Band Aid Liposuction for Body Contouring

While patients seeking cosmetic surgery turn to board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John L. LeRoy’s body contouring procedures like liposuction to reshape their mid sections and provide a more proportionate physique, unwanted fat and loose skin cannot be remedied the same way for everyone. “Just as everyone has their own natural shape, the body contouring procedures used to restore that shape will be unique for each patient,” Dr. LeRoy states.

tummy-tuckTraditional liposuction can remove isolated areas of excess subcutaneous fat, though it is recommended for patients within thirty pounds of their goal weight rather than being used as a weight loss tool.  Using .5” or less incision(s), a tiny hollow metal tube known as a cannula is inserted into the area with unwanted fat to retrieve and remove deposits of fat trapped underneath the skin.  Dr. LeRoy, who is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American College of Surgeons, injects tumescent fluid (a custom solution of local anesthetic and saline) to minimize pain and bleeding during the procedure.

Alternatively, patients with only a small amount of fat in the abdomen may benefit from Band Aid Liposuction, a procedure created by Dr. LeRoy to serve as a form of “mini” liposuction which is similar to his development of the Band Aid “Mini” Face Lift. Band Aid Liposuction requires very minimal downtime and removes areas with minimal fat or excess skin. Patients are often able to see the effective results of the procedure after treatment, which is performed with gentle numbing. Band Aid Liposuction is reserved for those patients who have small amounts of excess fat stores that do not respond to diet and exercise. Patients with larger amounts of fat may benefit most from traditional liposuction, which can only be determined with an in-person consultation.

Depending on your unique circumstances, Dr. LeRoy may recommend liposuction procedures be combined with a tummy tuck or its mini, Band Aid procedure alternative.  This may be the case for women seeking to alleviate both excess fat and unwanted skin during mommy makeover surgery.

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