Simply Stunning: Band Aid Line Featured in April Issue of Atlanta Magazine

Decades of diligent practice have gone by, and double-board certified plastic surgeon Dr. John L. LeRoy is still fully dedicated to learning what makes women truly feel beautiful. Through the years, the steadfast surgeon has established a menu of innovative, minimally-invasive plastic surgery procedures known as Band Aid Plastic Surgery. To address isolated cosmetic concerns (like frown lines, crow’s feet, and sagging), Band Aid procedures are completed in-office with gentle numbing and minimal downtime.

In the April issue of Atlanta Magazine, you’ll find a new feature on Dr. LeRoy’s original Band Aid Plastic Surgery procedures. Though their genesis was in 1997 with the Band Aid Facelift, today, Band Aid Procedures span to cover many cosmetic concerns to serve as remedies for aging and agents of prevention. By addressing small areas of cosmetic concern today with Band Aid Skin Tightening, Band Aid Liposuction, Band Aid Laser Skin Resurfacing and more, traditional surgical alternatives of the procedures may not be necessary later on.

All of the qualities that define your exquisite beauty can be yours. Contact us to learn more about Band Aid procedures and schedule a consultation. To learn more about Dr. LeRoy’s minimally-invasive procedures connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, and Google +.

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