Hot for Summer: Band Aid Line Featured in May Issue of Atlanta Magazine

Double-board certified plastic surgeon Dr. John L. LeRoy has seen 22 summers pass in his role as a dedicated anti-aging, confidence building surgeon. Through these seasons, he has devoted countless time to developing and perfecting a menu of innovative, minimally-invasive plastic surgery procedures known as Band Aid Plastic Surgery.

This compilation of anti-aging, preventative treatments are all achieved with gentle numbing and little to no downtime. In the May issue of Atlanta Magazine, you’ll find a charming feature on Dr. LeRoy’s original Band Aid Plastic Surgery procedures. A beautiful woman relaxes in the water, carefree and soaking up the warm weather. With Band Aid procedures, this could be you. Make your summer confident, unconcerned about age, and as restful as you want it to be.

Currently, Band Aid Procedures are a refuge for many cosmetic concerns reduce signs of aging and prevent further traces of years gone by. By addressing small areas of cosmetic concern today with Band Aid Blepharoplasty, Band Aid Facelift and more, traditional surgical alternatives of the procedures may be avoidable later on.

Your exquisite beauty is yours to recover. Contact us to learn more about Band Aid procedures and schedule a consultation. To learn more about Dr. LeRoy’s minimally-invasive procedures connect with him on FacebookTwitter, and Google +.

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