Uncover Exquisite Beauty: Band Aid Plastic Surgery Line Featured in June Issue of Atlanta Magazine

Through 22 summers of dedicated practice as a double-board certified plastic surgeon, I’ve seen an innumerable amount of patients come and go with smiling faces, often returning for further rejuvenation from Band Aid procedures several years later. Just as it pays to be diligent in your skincare routine, a dedicated approach to small anti-aging procedures can prove natural-looking results. I have developed and perfected a menu of innovative, minimally-invasive plastic surgery procedures known as Band Aid Plastic Surgery that I love to share with many of my current and future patients.

That’s why you’ll find a special feature on my original Band Aid Plastic Surgery procedures in the June issue of Atlanta Magazine. This compilation of anti-aging, preventative treatments are all achieved with gentle numbing and little to no downtime. With Band Aid procedures, you may find yourself possessing the same kind of confidence that exudes from the woman in the feature. I want you to feel comfortable and ageless in your skin—you deserve it.

At this time, Band Aid Procedures serve as a relief for many cosmetic concerns. These quick procedures reduce signs of aging and dissolve further hints of years gone by in a variety of forms. By addressing small areas of cosmetic concern today with Band Aid Blepharoplasty, Band Aid Facelift and more, traditional surgical alternatives of the procedures may be preventable later on.

Take back your beauty. Contact us to learn more about our Band Aid procedures and schedule a consultation. To learn more about my minimally-invasive procedures connect with me, Dr. John LeRoy, on FacebookTwitter, and Google +.

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