I Spy: Dr. LeRoy’s Band Aid Procedures Featured in Atlanta Magazine

Do you ever get excited when the latest edition of your favorite magazine arrives in the mail?  There’s something thrilling about folding back the cover and diving into an issue full of new things soon to discover!  This month, my Band Aid Facial plastic surgery procedures are featured in Atlanta Magazine to share a few facts about the wonders Band Aid procedures can do for rejuvenating the face and combatting signs of aging.

facial plastic surgery atlanta gaBand Aid Facelift – What is it?
What I like to call a “mini facelift,” my Band Aid Facelift is an original technique that I developed in 1997 to help you combat early signs of aging.  If you are looking to remove excess fat in the jaw and lower neck area this procedure may be right for you.  The procedure itself is completed in my office with the use of gentle numbing so the patients that prefer this like the idea that they may be able to drive themselves home after their procedure!  Band Aid Facelifts provide a refresher for the face and are beneficial for helping patients just starting to show signs of aging or who have previously received a traditional facelift maintain their plastic surgery results.  Since the incisions made during a Band Aid Facelift are much smaller than ones made during a traditional facelift procedure, patients experience less bruising and swelling.

Band Aid Browlift – How can it help?
A brow lift, which is also called a forehead lift, is a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure that address areas along the upper face that are showing signs of sagging skin, furrows and creases and additional signs of aging that can make your appearance seem more aged or stressed than it really is.  With my Band Aid Browlift I have finessed a new technique that removes any excess skin that tends to droop over the eyes so that the result is a rejuvenated appearance of the eyebrows, in a subtle way.

Band Aid Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) – What’s your technique?
The techniques I use during Band Aid Eyelid Surgery utilize some of the same principles as the Band Aid Facelift.  First, and perhaps the biggest plus my patients like, is that the procedure is performed right here in our office and takes less time to perform than traditional eyelid surgery.   This means you won’t need general anesthesia but instead a local anesthetic of gentle numbing.  Plus I do rather enjoy having the patients awake during the procedure to be able to chat with them and explain the process as we go.  My main goal is to gently remove excess fat and sagging skin around the eyes and smooth out the remaining skin during Band Aid Eyelid procedures.

The beauty of the Band Aid procedures is that you can reveal your true, confident beauty and regain your youthful vibrancy!  Each procedure offers great benefits and can be tailored to help you achieve the look you want.  To familiarize yourself with what Band Aid procedures can do for you, contact us with any questions you may have because we love to talk to new and existing patients any time we are in the office!  For all the latest on minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, connect with me, Dr. John LeRoy, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.