Dr. John LeRoy’s Band Aid Facial Procedures Featured in Atlanta Magazine

Many Atlantans know Dr. John LeRoy as the pioneer of Band Aid plastic surgeries – minimally-invasive versions of traditional, comprehensive cosmetic surgical procedures. Recently, he was featured in Atlanta Magazine with a focus on his Band Aid procedures for facial rejuvenation. While Dr. LeRoy is perhaps best-known for his Band Aid Facelift, there are many other ways he provides his patients with optimal cosmetic results using minimally-invasive techniques. Below are several of these procedures that combine facial rejuvenation with safety and convenience.

  • John LeRoy MD facial plastic surgeonBand Aid Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)—Though the affected areas are small, signs of aging around the eyes can have a significant effect on the appearance of the face overall. Band Aid Blepharoplasty specifically addresses bags under the eyes and excess skin around the upper eyelid that gives the eye a “hooded” appearance. This procedure is often ideal for patients with milder aging around the eyes who want a more rested appearance.
  • Band Aid Brow Lift –For patients whose most bothersome wrinkles and creases are in their forehead, a Band Aid Brow Lift can provide exceptional results. Using small incisions hidden in the hairline, Dr. LeRoy smooths the muscle and tissue of the forehead to give the patient a more youthful and relaxed look.
  • Band Aid Skin Tightening—Some patients may not be ready for surgery or may want to maintain their surgical results, so Dr. LeRoy also offers non-surgical Band Aid Skin Tightening for non-invasive rejuvenation. Using the Protégé system’s Energy Flow Control (EFC), this procedure breathes youth back into the skin by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles while also promoting the growth of collagen, a biological material that supports the skin’s firmness and elasticity.
  • Band Aid Laser Skin Resurfacing—Another non-surgical option is Band Aid Laser Skin Resurfacing. This procedure restores youth by removing damaged surface skin to allow younger, fresher skin to shine through. Band Aid Laser Resurfacing goes beyond simply an anti-aging treatment, as it can also be effective for treating sun damage and facial scarring. The optimal control that the DOT Therapy™ laser offers allows Dr. LeRoy to customize each patient’s procedure, leading to satisfying results.

This list of procedures, though varied, only represents a few of the options we provide for facial rejuvenation. The sheer number of possible treatments is one of the key reasons why scheduling a consultation with Dr. LeRoy is so important. Meeting one-on-one will allow you to discuss your goals, needs, and procedural options, so that Dr. LeRoy can customize a plan to allow you to find and embrace your most beautiful and confident self. To stay up-to-date on our ever-growing list of minimally-invasive procedures, join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.