Perks of Non-Surgical Procedures

While many of my patients have the goal of looking younger and more refreshed, each patient ages differently. For those who want an especially significant change, a facelift or minimally-invasive Band Aid Facelift is often the most effective way to achieve their desired results. But for patients with milder signs of aging or more subtle aesthetic goals, non-surgical procedures can create the natural results they’re looking for while providing a number of extra perks:

  • plastic surgery discounts atlanta Less Recovery Time. All we need to do is look at how many functions a smart phone can have—from communication to banking to ordering dinner with a few taps of the finger—to see that our society prioritizes multi-tasking and being able to do everything on-the-go. For patients with a seemingly endless to-do list, procedures that require little (if any) downtime can allow them to restore an appearance they feel confident in without taking so much time out of their busy schedules.
  • Less Risk of Scarring. Because the purpose of plastic surgery is cosmetic, I utilize techniques to make incision scars minimal and as concealable as possible. But patients who can delay surgical procedures with non-surgical treatments can eliminate the need for an incision altogether. Band Aid Skin Tightening, for example, restores youthful firmness to the skin by sending controlled heat energy into the deeper layers of the skin, rather than requiring an incision.
  • Results that Look More Natural. The decision to have a cosmetic procedure is a personal one. While some patients don’t mind telling others about their procedure, some patients prefer results which make them look overall younger and more refreshed, but which also don’t look “operated on.” In other words, friends and family will notice that their appearance has improved, but acquaintances wouldn’t realize that they’ve had a cosmetic procedure.
  • Lower Cost. A traditional plastic surgery comes with several costs—the surgeon’s fee, the facility’s fee, anesthesia, etc. However, the non-surgical route (as well as our line of minimally invasive Band Aid surgical procedures performed in-office with gentle numbing) can cut these costs dramatically by eliminating the need for anesthesia and a surgical facility, and instead being performed in our comfortable office in a much shorter period of time than is involved in a surgical procedure. Plus, this month we’re offering special pricing on two of our most popular non-surgical procedures: Band Aid Laser Skin Resurfacing and Band Aid Skin Tightening.

The large number of options for facial rejuvenation can be overwhelming for some patients—there are so many treatments and procedures that vary in strength, versatility, and results. But the goal is to find the option that provides the best balance of all your needs and priorities while helping you be your most confident and beautiful self. To begin discussing your options and which procedure may be best for your needs, schedule a consultation with me, Dr. John LeRoy. Or, to learn more about the treatments we offer, join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.