Band Aid Plastic Surgery Procedures to Give You a Rested Look

We all want to have the appearance of being young, relaxed, and well-rested—even when in fact we’re exhausted and up to our neck in stress. Unfortunately, time tends to work against us, as aging causes our skin to sag and can make us look increasingly tired or unhappy, regardless of how we actually feel. Facial plastic surgery can be a great way to regain a more rested appearance. As featured in the most recent issue of Atlanta Magazine, Dr. John LeRoy’s signature Band Aid procedures offer several minimally-invasive routes to a rejuvenated, well-rested look.

facial plastic surgery in atlanta gaBand Aid Eyelid Surgery

We take subtle cues about how a person is feeling from their eyes, and when someone’s eyes look less open or seem puffy, we assume that they’re tired. Unfortunately, aging can cause some of the same tell-tale signs of drowsiness or disinterest. Band Aid Eyelid Surgery, or Band Aid Blepharoplasty, can be performed on the upper eyelids to reduce sagging skin that can create a “hooded,” more closed appearance, or it can be performed on the lower eyelids to minimize bags under the eyes.

Band Aid Brow Lift

For some patients, sagging skin on or near the forehead causes the eyebrow to look lower and creates a furrowed look that can sometimes be perceived as irritability, sleepiness, or worry. The Band Aid Brow Lift can minimize these effects of aging by giving the brow line a subtle yet brightening lift. As with all of our Band Aid procedures, the Band Aid Brow Lift uses minimally-invasive techniques and can be performed in-office with gentle numbing.

Band Aid Laser Skin Resurfacing

Another subtle cue that makes a person look tired is the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Band Aid Laser Skin Resurfacing is a non-surgical way to improve the overall appearance of the skin by minimizing wrinkles, scars, age spots, and sometimes even the dreaded under-eye circles. The procedure uses a laser to help the body produce more collagen—the protein that gives our skin its youthful firmness and elasticity—while minimizing the needed recovery time.

As with any cosmetic procedure, Band Aid plastic surgery isn’t a one-size-fits-all. Every procedure is unique based on the patient’s needs and desired results. To start discussing your aesthetic goals and how traditional or minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures can help you embrace your most confident and beautiful self, schedule a consultation with Dr. LeRoy. Or, to learn more about each of the procedures we offer, visit us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.