You Could Win $1,000 for Your Favorite Charity

All of us at the office of Dr. John L. LeRoy take great joy in helping our patients to be more confident in and empowered by their appearance. But to pay forward our good fortune of being able to do what we love every day, we also want to extend a helping hand to members of our community whose needs can’t be met with cosmetic surgery. Several times each year, we hold a social media contest and ask our supporters to help us choose a deserving local charity to receive our $1,000 donation. And it’s that time of year again.

pursue your passionHere’s how it works:

  • Nominate the charity of your choice before Friday, June 26th
    1. Visit our Facebook page and “Like” the page, if you haven’t already.
    2. Find the post at the top of our timeline, inviting you to nominate your favorite local charity.
    3. Comment on the post with the name of the charity and 50 words or less telling us why they’ve earned your nomination.
    4. Nominations must meet the following criteria
      • The charity must hold a 501 (c)(3) non-profit distinction.
      • The charity must be in Georgia.
      • The nominator must be at least 18 years of age.
      • Each nominator may only nominate one charity.
      • The charity must contribute to a greater good, identifiable through a published mission statement.
      • The charity may not be a previous charity contest winner.
  • Vote between Monday, Jun 29th and Monday, July 20th
    1. Visit our Facebook page, and find the new post at the top of our timeline inviting you to vote for one of the four finalists which have been selected from the nominees.
    2. Click the link in the Facebook post, which will take you to a survey where you can vote for the charity that you think will put the donation to good use.
  • The winning charity will be announced on Tuesday, July 21st, and will receive a donation of $1,000.

In the past, our social media charity contests have given us the opportunity to contribute to a variety of very deserving causes. Our winner this March was Atlanta S.E.E.D.s, an organization that combines dance instruction with mentorship, financial literacy, and more to help young girls in our community to become confident young women with a jumpstart on a successful adulthood. Last October, we were honored to donate to Alzheimer’s Association, an organization that is dedicated to fighting Alzheimer’s disease through a combination of curative research, services to support Alzheimer’s patients and their families, and a growing awareness of brain health and preventative measures. Earlier last year, our contest winner was CURE Childhood Cancer, an Atlanta-based organization with the mission of improving the safety and efficacy of childhood cancer treatments and bringing the survival rate for pediatric cancers to 100%.

Regardless of whether this summer’s donation will go toward fighting a devastating disease, improving the lives of the children in our community, or any number of other worthy causes, we look forward to partnering with you to help a deserving local charity to make a difference in our community. To learn more about our previous winners or about our plastic surgery practice, explore our website or join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.