Why Some Patients Choose the Non-Surgical Procedures in our August Specials

At the office of Atlanta double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John LeRoy, we’re focused on helping each individual patient achieve the best possible results, and one way we achieve this goal is by offering a wide array of facial rejuvenation options. Our treatments run the gamut from entirely non-surgical procedures (like Botox® and facial filler injections) to minimally-invasive surgeries (like the Band Aid Facelift) to more comprehensive, traditional plastic surgery (like the facelift). So why do some patients find that non-surgical treatments are the better choice for their needs?

  • John LeRoy MD skin care discountsThey’re experiencing the earlier signs of aging. Every procedure we administer is tailored to the patient’s needs, but, as most would assume, the more extensive the procedure is, the more significant the results will generally be. For patients who want to nip aging in the bud and address fine lines and wrinkles as they arise, non-surgical treatments like Band Aid Skin Tightening can be a great solution.
  • They’ve established a multi-step rejuvenation process. Just as weight loss patients can’t simply lose weight once and stop watching their diet, looking as young as you feel works best as a long-term plan, rather than a one-time deal. In other words, patients who opt for a Band Aid facelift or a traditional facelift are typically happier with their results if they use non-surgical procedures to minimize future signs of aging as they arise.
  • They have concerns that plastic surgery doesn’t address. Facial cosmetic surgery can be a great way to lift lax skin and give the face an overall younger and more refreshed look. But there are signs of aging which are generally not addressed with plastic surgery, such as age spots and acne scars. Band Aid Laser Skin Resurfacing, on the other hand, can break up the pigment in age spots and the scar tissue in acne scars, giving the face an overall more radiant and smooth complexion.

Ultimately, every patient is unique and must decide on a treatment plan that addresses their aesthetic concerns while taking their priorities and medical needs into consideration. To start learning about your cosmetic options and discussing how to become your most beautiful and confident self, schedule a consultation with Dr. LeRoy or join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.