Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Band Aid Facelift

Every plastic surgery patient has their own aesthetic goals, but my most popular procedure has proven to be versatile enough to meet the needs of many different patients, and this procedure is the Band Aid Facelift. This minimally-invasive version of the traditional facelift can take years off a patient’s appearance, but it can be performed in-office with gentle numbing and requires a much shorter recovery period. While patients are typically thrilled with their Band Aid Facelift results, my goal is to help every patient (including my future patients) to have the best experience and results possible.  To get the most out of your Band Aid Facelift, try these helpful tips:

  • facelift surgery atlantaBe Proactive. The Band Aid Facelift can be an easier, quicker, and more cost-effective route to facial rejuvenation than a traditional facelift, but it works best for patients whose aging has not yet progressed far enough to warrant a comprehensive facelift. Therefore, it’s better to come in for a consultation sooner rather than later so that we can discuss your cosmetic concerns and create a plan that can help you to feel confident in your appearance for years to come. To get started now, schedule a consultation with me, Dr. John L. LeRoy.
  • Allow for more recovery time than you expect to need. Depending on the details of your procedure and your medical needs, I can help you determine how long you should plan to be out of commission. It’s important to give your body as much time to heal as it needs, because pushing yourself too early and experiencing stress to get back to work and you daily routine can hinder your recovery.
  • Consider combining the Band Aid Facelift with other procedures. For most patients, there are multiple features they would like to improve. In many cases, opting for multiple procedures in one surgery can be a safe way to get more comprehensive, satisfying results without needing to go through a full cycle of planning, surgery, and recovery for each procedure. The Band Aid Facelift, for instance, is often combined with Band Aid Eyelid Surgery (blepharoplasty) or Band Aid Liposuction beneath the chin.
  • Stock up before the surgery. Anticipate what you’ll need during your recovery process and have everything purchased and ready to go. Fill any necessary prescriptions, stock up on simple-to-make foods, and load up your bedside table (or wherever you’re planning to spend your recovery) with anything you think you’ll need. It’s also important to thoroughly read and understand your post-surgical instructions beforehand and to be prepared to follow them carefully.
  • Take steps to maintain your results. While a Band Aid Facelift may take years off your appearance, it does not stop the aging process, so new wrinkles and skin laxity can develop in the years following your surgery. To better maintain your rejuvenated results, consider non-surgical treatments like Band Aid Laser Skin Resurfacing or Band Aid Skin Tightening to address future signs of aging as they arise, and protect your skin from accelerated aging by wearing sunscreen daily.

While all of these tips can help, one of the most important ways to make your cosmetic surgery experience as successful as possible is to choose the right procedure. Explore my website to start learning about all of your plastic surgery options, or, to stay up-to-date on the latest news in plastic surgery, join me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.