Feeling Confident is a Process, Not a Task

One of the most common aesthetic goals I hear from patients is to achieve a youthful look that makes them feel confident. Wanting to feel comfortable in your own skin can be a great reason for cosmetic surgery. As a double board certified plastic surgeon, part of my job is to help my patients develop an understanding of the road ahead. That’s why I emphasize to my facial rejuvenation patients that they should look at their efforts to feel happy with their appearance as an ongoing journey, rather than as a task that plastic surgery will permanently cross off their to-do list.

John L LeRoy MDSome plastic surgeries produce results that are generally permanent, like rhinoplasty, otoplasty, or a tummy tuck (although the results of a tummy tuck can change with future weight fluctuations or pregnancies). But procedures like a Band Aid Facelift or a neck lift strive to turn back the clock on an ongoing process: aging. And while these cosmetic surgeries can take a decade or more off a patient’s appearance, there is no way to completely stop aging, so new wrinkles and lax skin will eventually appear.

Does this mean you won’t always be happy with your surgical results? No—but it depends on whether you continue your facial rejuvenation journey or whether you stop addressing your signs of aging after the procedure. My patients who are happiest with their results in the long run are those who choose plastic surgery to reach a point where they’re confident with their appearance, but who then address the new wrinkles and age spots that appear throughout the years with simpler, non-surgical skin treatments like Band Aid Skin Tightening, Band Aid Laser Skin Resurfacing, and cosmetic facial injections (such as facial fillers and Botox® or Dysport®). This is the philosophy behind my Band Aid plastic surgery procedures—seeing cosmetic procedures not as a one-time fix but as a process that gives you natural-looking results that you can maintain for years on end.

Regardless of where you currently are in the aging process or what facial rejuvenation measures you’ve used in the past, part of the beauty of having so many avenues to a younger look is that your journey can be customized to fit your specific needs. To start discussing your aesthetic goals, schedule a consultation with me. Or, for more tips and updates about plastic surgery, join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.