Ask Dr. LeRoy: How Can I Save On My Cosmetic Treatments This Month?

At the office of Dr. John L. LeRoy, we work with patients whose cosmetic concerns run the gamut from aging to facial structure to physique, and our goal is to give every patient results that will help them embrace their most confident and beautiful self. For some, this means a traditional plastic surgery like a facelift or tummy tuck, but for others, it means a minimally invasive non-surgical procedure that creates subtle and natural-looking results. If you fit into the latter category, our September specials may help you save some cash on your cosmetic treatments.

Atlanta facial plastic surgery discountsBand Aid Skin Tightening

This procedure does exactly as its name suggests—it tightens facial skin that has begun to sag with age, while embodying the in-office, convenient, minimally-invasive philosophy behind our Band Aid plastic surgery. The Protégé system uses innovative Energy Flow Control (EFC) to send precise warmth into the deeper layers of the skin. This causes your body to produce more collagen (the protein that gives skin its youthful firmness and elasticity), so the results continue to improve over the course of several months, and can last for as long as two years.

Band Aid Laser Skin Resurfacing

For patients who want to go beyond tightening skin to also address age spots, acne scars, and other skin imperfections, Band Aid Laser Skin Resurfacing may be a more effective option. During this laser treatment, tiny beams of light are sent into the skin to activate the body’s natural healing process. As a result, renewed collagen is produced to smooth old scars, reduce hyperpigmentation (spots or patches of darkened skin), minimize wrinkles, and add a rejuvenating firmness.

Regardless of where your cosmetic concerns lie, the first step toward a younger-looking appearance (or any aesthetic improvement, for that matter) is finding the procedure that will provide the best balance between your desired results and your needs regarding recovery time, anesthesia, etc. To start discussing how we can help you become your most confident and beautiful self, schedule a consultation with Dr. John LeRoy. Or, to stay up-to-date on our future special offers and the latest plastic surgery news, join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.